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Welcome to Double LB Longhorns located in the Texas Hill Country! 
Come and visit anytime. 

Thank you Lord for the great rains! 
TLS Sweet Honey Dust, our new partnership bull with the Stegemollers measured 42" at one year.  He is destined to be another of the great bulls of our breed!

December News 2014:           

 "A new calf or a good rain is always welcome"!
Ranch Rain Gauge: .9" on 11/11, total for year 24.07"

Thank you Lord for every drop! 

A welcome addition!     
80.25" TTT today (10/4)!   RM Checkered Flag was officially measured for the Horn Showcase and LWC !

We are now certified as a BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Cow/Calf ranch!  This is training in conjunction with the Beef Checkoff.

Cowboy Ethics:
1. Live each day with courage
2. Take pride in your work
3. Always finish what you start
4. Do what has to be done
5. Be tough, but fair
6. When you make a promise, keep it
7. Ride for the brand
8. Talk less and say more

Calving Season  started on Thanksgiving day with a beautiful heifer from Cherry Blossom and Maverick.  Hannah has a new calf out of Maverick as well.  It's our favorite time of the year!  Stay tuned for pictures.

to Bronson Baker for a huge win at the Tulsa State Fair 9/26, Grand Champion Steer with 2LB Eli in the show ring.  Keep up the good work.   


 Stay tuned for results!

Longhorn Ground Beef:
We have our USDA approval for processing lean beef, now available in tasty one pound packages!

Try some today for a healthier new outlook!

Check our site often for news and updates. 

- Lee & Linda

Double LB Longhorns in Fredonia, TX

We've updated photos and measurements along with completing all Vet work!

While experiencing a costly and on going drought in our part of Texas, this amazing breed is doing quite well.  Their ability to adjust and adapt leaves no question why they have survived as the iconic breed of our great state.

Down sizing due to the drought was a very painful experience but it has left us with only the most superior cows going forward and crossing them with a recognized industry bull will produce prospects with the greatest upside potential.   

A vital aspect was bull selection.  Looking at the maternal side of these animals to ensure every trait was taken into consideration, we made a decision on two leading bull lines.  We have chosen Gunman and Hunts Command Respect bloodlines to cross our cattle with and we have been pleasantly surprised with our last three calf crops.

We retained five heifers from our 2010 calf crop, all projecting into the mid seventies at maturity.  Another aspect we are instituting is the breeding of our heifers at age two, allowing for more maturity in size and horn before the calving process begins.

Longhorn cattle are for sale at all times!

We welcome the opportunity for mutually beneficial trades. 
Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss our cattle.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you are interested in raising Longhorns but you do not know anything about the breed, we will be happy to assist you in getting set up and we can be your guide as you develop your first herd.

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