Double LB Longhorns in Fredonia, TX

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We intoduced the addition of RM Checkered Flag as our Herd Sire for  2014, 2015 and 2016.  Out of the great Iron Mike and currently measuring  83", we are very excited about this calf crop of early '17, and the potential of each and every calf.  If color and lateral horn is what you are after, he is your solution.

The potential of a bull this quality has taken us to the next level.

Our Jr. Herd Sire for 2017, 2LB "Quigley" with Cowboy Chex and Tari Graves in his lineage, gives us high expectations about the pairing we have chosen.  We are very pleased with his progress thus far.

Please check out the calf page for details! 
Great potential here....... 



    2014-16  Herd Sire                                  2017 Jr. Herd Sire