Registered Texas Longhorn Calves at Double LB Longhorns in Fredonia, TX



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We begin 2017 with the final two calves from Checkered Flag and the results are amazing. This crop including four from December yielded more color than ever before.  We are seeing very early horn growth and nice conformation in this group.  Brindle, paints and white that will ultimately turn roan, we believe that the show quality is the best yet. 
We are always happy to work with youth interested in showing a calf.

2016 yielded twelve calves. Several herd sires and  show prospects were sold out of this crop.

2015 was exciting as calves out of RM Checkered Flag have now matured (each have amazing lateral horn) and we have retained three heifers to watch closely.


Evaluating a new crop of calves is always fun and ever changing.  We are very pleased with the results thus far and feel that we have accomplished our goal that we started several years ago.  Look closely and we think you will agree.