Double LB Longhorns in Texas


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When Double LB began acquiring our foundation cattle, our primary focus was on proven genetics that produce great conformation, color and horn potential. This approach has provided wonderful, classic examples in our new offspring and we are confident they will be solid representatives of the breed. Our cows are a joy to observe—all are gentle, co-operative and attentive mothers.

We maintain their health via an aggressive vaccination program and feed a balanced mineral supplement via lick tubs and Purina Supr-Lix for optimal protein intake.  We began using Multi-Min injectable last year and have experienced very good results. Calves seem to grow off better and we continue to search for products to improve our herd. Maintaining  body condition is our foremost concern and anything we can do to promote that is simply an added value.

We have bred cows, pairs and bred heifers for sale.