Double LB Longhorns has a passion for the Old West and a love of animals, raising Longhorns was not only a lifelong dream but an easy move to make when the opportunity presented itself nine years ago. We began our journey with the purchase of a cow and calf and like most other breeder’s story, we were hooked.

Longhorns epitomize the Texas legacy and we are proud to become a small part of that legend. Our goal is to raise quality animals that are correct in conformation and exhibit the true characteristics of their predecessors. While horn development is of the utmost, we want our animals to be well balanced in all aspects of the breed. Our foundation herd has very solid genetics and we have been blessed with some outstanding youngsters that show a great future. 

Our ranch is located in Northeast Mason County near the quiet, pastoral community of Fredonia, Texas. The soil is rich and we are blessed with abundant water from the Hickory Sand aquifer. Springtime in the Hill Country of Texas can be exciting with an abundance of wildflowers that typically bloom for several months and native cactus and Yucca offer their beauty as well.

At Double LB Longhorns, we consider it an honor to participate in the preservation of such a great Texas legacy. It seems that Longhorn breeders have a kindred spirit when it comes to their herd—all have the utmost admiration for the indomitable spirit of this magnificent breed. They are an immense source of joy, and in their midst one truly senses the profound importance of their legacy. This being said, the goal of our breeding program is to produce premium cattle that epitomize the majesty, tenacity and resilience of the Texas Longhorns of yesteryear…in the Spirit of the Old West!